Hiking near Sunset

A few pictures from last night's hike at Occoneechee Park. The sunset was pretty.

This picture was taken through the trees as we were sitting at the Quarry Overlook.

It was in the low 70s when we were hiking which was a huge change from the low 90s that we'd been used to hiking in. This change in the weather was quite welcome. Even more welcome was the 36 hours of rain we'd had from Sunday afternoon until quite late Monday evening.

I'd not mowed my lawn in over a month. At my house it'd been around 7 weeks since I'd had any rain. My back door wouldn't lock. I thought there was some kind of water damage to it and it'd warped. Since my area is pretty safe I just didn't bother locking it. And then when leaving for work on Monday, the lock worked again.

I guess the door was so dry it changed shape! I'd never had that happen before.

This second picture is the group of us leaving the overlook with the sun shining through the trees behind us.

Tonight after work I'm helping an ex-girlfriend move some furniture so she doesn't hurt her neck and back. Then a little shopping at Wal-mart which is close to where she lives, and then back home for dinner.


srp said…
And more rain. We got 3.1 inches and today looks like almost another inch and expecting another 4 at least in the next day and a half. I do think all the seed they just put on the lawn is going to wash away.
Scarlet said…
We've had a really dry year here in the islands too... We were just talking about it yesterday and then overnight the heavens have opened and we've had a decent amount of rain, although we need some more to give the ground a good soaking!!

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