The Future

Things have been a little weird at times lately.

So I decided that a little warning about what might happen in the future would be a great thing. As a result, I decided to buy some Tarot Cards. I don't know if they work but it can't hurt.

The cards, which are quite pretty, came with a 284 page book. Yes. I said 284 pages!

I'm starting to get the idea that this Tarot thing might be a wee bit complicated.

I guess it might be a while before I'm able to read these suckers. I'm getting a feeling it's not something that just automatically comes to you. Maybe I should just buy a computer program that predicts the future, eh?

I'll let you know if I open a booth at the state fair. :-)


Naquillity said…
beautiful cards. good luck on reading that booklet. hope all is well.
kenju said…
That appears to be a lovely set. Most people I have known who read the cards say it is more of an intuition thing than the cards themselves - although they can certainly point you in a certain direction.
GA Girl said…
What a surprise - metaphysical Utenzie! Don't let anyone else handle them. I have some "native american" animal cards that speak to me more than tarot, but haven't picked them up in years. You might need more than tarot to get in touch with your intuitive side. Good luck on your journey.
Scarlet said…
I use an application on facebook called Polotically Incorrect Tarot Readings, and while I'm not sure of it's accuracy, it certainly gives me a giggle everyday!! :o)
Nikki-ann said…
If they don't work, you can always look at them as a bit of fun anyway :)
Nikki-ann said…
P.S. - They do look good! :)

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