Zoo Day

I went to the state zoo in Asheboro today.

I wanted to play with a new camera and what better place to take pictures than a zoo?

I invited a friend to go along since I have a 1+1 membership. We were there from when they opened at 9am to 3:35pm---almost their closing time---and we never stopped walking the entire day.

Her shins were hurting and my feet just ached. Dehydrated? Sure, as well as being a little sunburnt where sweating and wiping cleaned the sunblock off, but it's great to see so many animals and their respective environments in just one day.

I took 510 pictures with my Canon, I'm not sure how many Nancy took with her camera but she was snapping away the whole time too.

The morning was misty and somewhat overcast but the afternoon was sunny and peaked around 86f. Beautiful weather to be walking around for us. Though by noon a lot of the critters were holed up and unavailable for photoshoots.


srp said…
Now how would you like to have to clip the nails on that creature!?
kenju said…
He's formidable!!
Scarlet said…
I LOVE the zoo!!! What a great shot of that beautiful bear!!!
Taronga Zoo in Sydney just had a baby Pygmy Hippo and a baby elephant born not too long ago... Awesome stuff!!
Naquillity said…
i love going to the zoo. there's always so many different animals to photograph. love your bear pic. he decided to take a nap, i guess. glad you had a nice time.

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