Where do you draw the line?

Below is a picture I took while hiking at Occoneechee Mountain Park this morning.

The picture is okay but I took a similar one that was better so I decided to play around a bit with the lesser of the two pictures.

The picture here was my first attempt. I used a filter named "cartoon" in GIMP (a Photoshop-like program that is available for folk using Linux OS) and kept the settings on the mild side.

I like the overall effect more than the original picture since it adds a little more "oomph" to the aesthetic. Or something like that. But I wasn't satisfied yet so....

I used the "basket weaving" filter and that might have been a little too much. I actually like the effect of the filter but not on this picture. I think it'd be neat on something more... abstract. Anyway, I should have drawn the line at using the cartoon filter, I guess. Maybe if I add a few solar flares?


srp said…
Oh, those funny filters are so fun to use... but wait... mine doesn't have that basket weave thing.... or the cartoon!
Naquillity said…
i can't remember all the filters in my Photoshop Elements but i do know that they are pretty cool. i have to say your original photo & the second are my favorites here but that the basket weave isn't doin' it for me. sorry. isn't it great to alter your photos? i'm still really excited about what PSE can do for my pics. hope you had a great weekend.

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