Tubing on the Dan

Sunday morning we were hiking at Hanging Rock park from 10am to 1pm and then we drove 10 minutes away to go tubing on the Dan River for 3 hours.

This is where we put into the river after a 10 minute bus ride in VERY cramped seats. We were stuffed on that bus like sardines. (but not as smelly as sardines despite all that hiking)

The following pictures are from the slow journey down the Dan River. It was about 3 miles and the river just moves along gently in most places with a few mini-rapids just to keep it interesting.

The river was packed with people from start to finish though it seemed more locals than tourists given the amount of alcohol consumption going on. I sure hope these people weren't driving afterwards!


kenju said…
I bet that was a lot of fun!! The last time I did that, it was on the Coal River in WV, and there were 4 of us on a huge airplane tire tube. We went so far downstream that we had to walk back!
GA Girl said…
You had a sex act performed on your leg!
katemurphy said…
Was this through the danbury general store?
katemurphy said…
Was this through the danbury general store?
utenzi said…
Yes, it was. We were bussed up the river and pulled out at the General Store.

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