Kissing is Good

Or is it? The photo below brings the entire "kissing is good" situation into some controversy.

Believe me, I didn't start out trying to make waves. I was just playing with a friend's puppy. She's had it for about a month and this was the first time I'd been by. He seemed like a nice puppy. Not one to get fresh or take advantage. Little did I know!

These days I'm a little less trusting, and you can take that to the bank. Just don't kiss any puppies on the way there. Really bad breath!

PS Just for the record, that pink thing in the picture between our mouths is Barney's tongue not mine. I don't kiss like that the first time I meet someone.


srp said…
I think the human mouth has more bacteria than the dog mouth... human bites are always more dangerous.
utenzi said…
Are you suggesting that I should have bit Barney, Roxanne???
Teresa said…
LOL. I'm not quite sure how you got a picture of a surprise dog kiss... seems a little odd to me. Nothing new there though, huh?

Time to shave, Dave!
utenzi said…
Me? What about the dog. Did you see that one long whisker he has???

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