My parents have a hummingbird feeder on their deck.

Which provided me a great opportunity to play with my camera a bit. Tomorrow I'm going to work on getting some wings without blurring, but it'll have to be very bright out to allow me to use that fast a shutter speed.

I had to be very patient to get these shots because there are 3 hummingbirds nearby and they're so territorial that whenever one would fly near the feeder, at least one of the others would swoop over to drive off the one that wanted a drink. It was only once in a while that one of the hummingbirds made it to the feeder without being noticed by the others.

They'd be a lot less hungry if they'd just cooperate but I guess that's not how hummingbirds are built.

At least this one is willing to share his food with some ants though I suspect the bird isn't aware that it's sharing.

Speaking of sharing, I took a bunch of pictures of a waterfall today but the chip I used wouldn't work with my parent's computer and so I have to wait until I get home to see the pics.

The computer is pretty old and I suspect the card is too big. It's a 4GB one. So now I'm using a 2GB card in the camera and the computer is quite happy with that one.


srp said…
Wow! Two different varieties too.... Everytime I get the camera out they make off like the picture is going to steal their souls. But, let me be out on the deck and one will come up and hover about eye height and three feet away as if to laugh. Funny little things.
Anonymous said…
Hey Dave,
Great to see that you're still blogging and posting your beautiful photos!!
I was reading through my blog the other day and felt compelled to stop by and see if you were still blogging.
Hope you are well and life is good for you!!
Yaeli xo
P.S. Did anyone take on the weekend meet and greet when Michele shut her site down?
utenzi said…
Hi Yaeli. Are you still living on Vanuatu? The Michele game has been resumed, more or less, by Tanya (aka Netchick). She was active while living in Vancouver but since moving to Calgary she's been kinda quiet. But not as quiet as you! :-)
GA Girl said…
I don't understand how some poeple get pictures of multiple birds on their feeders - my guys are extremely territorial. But then, they're on their way to cross the Gulf of Mexico so I guess only the strongest survive. I love the chittering sound they make.
Scarlet said…
Still in Vanuatu, but probably not for much longer.
Changing circumstances and situations mean that I now find myself (nearly) single once again, and footloose and fancy free...
Time for a new incarnation me thinks...
Would love to get back involved with Meet and Greet if it's still going.
xo Yaeli
Nikki-ann said…
Great shots. We don't get any hummingbirds here.

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