Hot Hiking

I went hiking after work today and nearly got poisoned for my trouble.

That sounds weird---maybe I didn't say it right.

In any case, the hike was very hot. The weather was steamy---the humidity was through the roof---and temperatures were in the mid-90s most of the day. *whew* As a result, I only went on one loop at Occoneechee and afterwards joined the other members of the group at a nearby restaurant.

That's the location of the poisoning! Well, poorly executed, at least. I ordered grilled tuna because this place tends to overcook their burgers for health reasons. Believe me--after what they do to a dead cow there's not a bacteria in the world that would stick around. Scary.

Oddly enough, the problem was the other way for the tuna I ordered. It was frickin' raw and not very good quality. Canned tuna is a big step upwards from the crap they served me. Nasty. Had it been grilled a lot of that taste would have been hidden but not when they serve it raw.

I should have done another spin around the park instead of eating that nasty tuna. The first two slices of tuna were all I could eat. I was very hungry but I left the other 6 slices on my plate. I'd have sent them back had the waiter ever come around---but he didn't. That's another thing... the waiter was awful.


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