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This past Sunday I watched The Next Food Network Star (and isn't that an awkward name?) and was quite disappointed. When the season started around 3 months ago there were 3 contestants that I immediately liked. Those three were tough competitors and have stayed on the show through thick and thin---at least until this week. Brad, my favorite of the three, just got booted off. Now there's only Herb (who I don't like), Aria, and Aarti (adorable!) left.

Aarti has her own website. Aarti Paarti. See what you think. Of the three that are left, she's by far my favorite.

On Hell's Kitchen there weren't any chefs eliminated last week so this week two got the axe. The lovely Autumn was no surprise since she'd been sent up for elimination more often than anyone else on the show---I think she was victimized due to her being the prettiest one on this season but I'm sure there's other opinions on that---but Ben's elimination was more of a surprise. His skipping prep was probably what did him in. Now there's just one episode left in the 15 show run.
Autumn Lewis
Age : 29
Hometown : Chicago, IL
Occupation : Personal Chef, North Hollywood


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