A Few Days in SC

In the wee hours of the day I did my normal 3am -- 7am drive to my parent's house.

My brother joined us for a few hours in the morning but he wasn't able to stay away from work for long. The excessively hot weather this summer has wracked havoc on his golf course (he's a golf course superintendent), especially the bent grass greens. They're just burnt right up.

After Craig left to go back to Atlanta, Dad went to church and Mom and I read for a while. Due to my late night and all it was very difficult to stay awake so finally I figured that hitting the water for some paddling might wake me up a bit.

It would have been better to have been on the water in the early morning but any time of day is better than no paddling at all. :-)

So I went kayaking for a bit in the afternoon. Since it was so hot with lots of direct sun I kept it down to an hour and a half out on the water. Still, I was soaked with sweat by the time I got back as you can see in this picture.

Good exercise though, y'know? I sure do feel like taking a nap...


Naquillity said…
driving for 4hrs and then going kayaking for another 1hr and a half... i'm sure you'll sleep well tonight. you and your brother look so much alike. sorry to hear he couldn't stay with you and your parents longer. but, duty calls, sigh. hope you continue to have a nice visit with your family.
GA Girl said…
Great pictures - say 'hi' for me!

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