AT & T

I've got a project to do.

Either tonight or tomorrow I'm switching out my broadband connection. I've had Roadrunner for several years and it works fine. But.

But I don't have cable, I have satellite. However to get Roadrunner I have to pay for nasty cable even though I'm not using it.

So recently AT&T finally allowed coverage to my area and I quickly signed up for it. It's only going to cost a quarter of what I had been paying through Time Warner.

I just hope that it works. I don't have a whole lot of faith in AT&T.


kenju said…
Let us know if you are happy with it.
Thumper said…
We've had to use AT&T DSL for over a year and a half now...never an issue with them. Well, other than when our router croaked, but that wasn't their fault. We just went to Best Buy, got another one, and an AT&T rep on the phone talked the Spouse Thingy through setting it up.

$35 a month...when we had cable, it was over $100...
srp said…
Here we have either cable or verizon... verizon is awful. Cable is better... at least our house is hardwired all over so I have one cable modem attached in the smart box and an instant secure network in the house. We can share folders and printers and I can send pics from the Mac to the PC and back again.

My favorite system was in Mississippi... we had "ADSL" and I don't know what that meant but the internet was into any room with a phone jack... it wasn't wireless, just used the existing phone lines. Somehow it was faster and more reliable than straight DSL.

Good luck.
Utopia said…
look forward to reading your assessment of AT&T
Naquillity said…
you've been one busy man: hiking (hanging rock is beautiful), inner tubing, kayaking, working, getting new internet service and kissing pretty puppies. you new kayak is really nice looking for it's age. how'd it do on the water? have a great day.

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