Another Kayak

I bought another used kayak off of Craig's List today. I'm going to have to stop looking at that site 'cause it ends up costing me too much money.

As you can see, this one is bigger than my car. I bought it in Greensboro so it was an hours drive away. I'm signed up for a short paddle tomorrow morning so I'll get to use it right away.

This kayak is a Prijon Seayak. It's a 16 foot long sea kayak, which is a very short length for that type of kayak. They sell for around $1,600 new but this one is 15 years old. Pretty damn old for a big piece of plastic. It's only 24" wide which gives it a nice sleek line to slip through water with less resistance. Or so they say!

I hope that it works as well on the water as it does on top of my car. It didn't even shimmy at 75mph though I did try to keep it at 70mph or under. It'd have been really bad if it popped off!


Emily said…

You were in Greensboro today?
utenzi said…
That is true. I was over on your side of town, just past the airport. I drove over at 6pm, picked up the yak, and was back on the road by 6:30pm after the guy selling the yak helped me tie it down on my car.
Nikki-ann said…
Yeah, I wouldn't have wanted to have been in the car behind you it the kayak had popped off your car roof! :D

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