Have you seen the new show The Glades? It started early this month on A&E and I really like it so far.

The show stars Australian actor Matt Passmore who plays a Chicago detective who was fired due to screwing his boss' wife. Bad move, eh? So he relocated to southern Florida and took up his bad boy ways down near the Everglades. Passmore does a good job in this role. He's very irritating and that's how his character is supposed to be. The love interest is cute as the dickens and a bit complicated since she's married to a guy in jail.

The reality shows on Bravo are closing in on the end. Work of Art (which I still like a lot) is down to the last 5 artists and on Top Chef, Andrea Curto-Randazzo's departure ---she reminds me of Sarah Jessica Parker in that an iffy face is combined with a hot body--- means that there's 10 left, I think, out of the starting 17.

Last night's episode of Top Chef got viewers all riled up due to a pea purée fight. Personally I think it was just the editors making it look like some underhanded skulduggery was going on---but on blogs and bulletin boards it looks like viewers ate it up. Maybe they'll reveal if the pea purée was really stolen on next week's episode. Right now they're saying that nobody knows which is obvious BS. *sigh* Top Chef is descending into the nasty basement of reality tv.


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