The Taste of Singapore

I went on a date tonight, the first one in many weeks. And the first one to go well in months. Yes, months!

We met at a Asian restaurant in Southern Village named Merlion, which specializes in the cuisine of Singapore:
The vibrant, multicultural country of Singapore is home to an equally distinctive blend of foods from all across Southeast Asia. The perfect synthesis of the best of Asia makes Singapore a food paradise. Merlion Restaurant brings the authentic and unique flavors of Singapore to Southern Village in Chapel Hill. Come visit and find out why we call Merlion Restaurant, “Uniquely Singapore.”

This is what I decided to have:
Merlion Pineapple Rice
Rice stir-fried with Merlion’s aromatic spice blend and refreshing pineapple
cubes. Garnished with pine nuts, scallion and golden shallot.
With Vegetables or with Chicken 13.95

I liked but wasn't thrilled with the meal. Unmentioned in the menu description was the huge amounts of broccoli in the dish nor did they mention the heap of dried bacon on top. I HATE bacon. And yes, I realize I'm about the only person that does.

By the way, courtesy of Wiki, the Merlion is an imaginary creature with the head of a lion and the body of a fish, used as a mascot of Singapore. Its name combines "mer" meaning the sea and "lion". That's a picture of one over on the left.

Fortunately my date more than made up for the lackluster meal. She was warm in demeanor and passionate about her work. It was wonderful to just listen to her. And so far she hasn't noticed how boring and contrary I am. I've got my fingers crossed!

Further developments, if any, to follow. Since I've not been very lucky in getting to the second date point---this might be the only mention. :-(

In case you want something to ponder over, where in 'ell would a merlion live? It seems poorly adapted to the sea and it certainly can't move around on land. I guess I'd understand it better if I knew more about the background of Singapore and the people there. Odd critter though.


Naquillity said…
congrats on your date night. glad you two had a good time. now you know you'll have to keep us posted, :)

btw, i didn't like bacon as a kid & well into my adult life but somewhere along the way i warmed up to it. hope your night continues to be a great one.
GA Girl said…
Best of luck for future dates.

Bacon is the 2nd food of the gods (chocolate is first)!
utenzi said…
I thought that sweet potatoes was your number 2 food, GG.

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