Size is Relative

I was going to go hiking after work today but something I read on the Internet changed my mind.

I went to check the delivery status of my recently purchased camera, expecting to see that it was still stuck in Indiana, but lo and behold---it was delivered to my house just a few minutes after noon. Woo-hoo.

Since I didn't want to leave it there unattended on my porch any longer than necessary I made a bee line for home once I finished things up at the lab. And that's the box over there that the lovely toy came in. I was surprised at how much it weighed.

But once I'd unpacked the box some of my surprise went away. There was one hell of a lot of stuff packed away in that little box.

And I was also surprised at how much bigger the SLR was over my old cameras. You can see the comparison below. The Canon Rebel dwarfs the Fuji that I have sitting next to it.

One thing that didn't weigh very much was the lens. Back in my non-digital SLR days I had this really nice Tokina zoom lens. That thing weighed more than my camera body. So I was expecting something like that with the Canon lens. Nope. The lens weighed practically nothing. It was like it was just a cardboard tube painted black.

I am impressed with the clarity of the pictures though. Since the filters haven't arrived yet I'm not taking my new camera out into the nasty dirty world yet but the pics I've taken indoors to try it out have really been nice. I'm quite impressed with what this camera can do---and I've only just started to scratch the surface of its potential.

I do love toys. And to celebrate, while the camera battery was charging I scooted off and got myself a haircut. I was starting to look like a hippie! And afterwards I bought a whole watermelon as well as some frozen burgers and fresh buns for weekend grilling. Great weather and greasy food---what more can you ask for?


kenju said…
Enjoy your new toy, Dave. My new camera was bought especially for its small size and so far I am very happy with it.
Some of the IS lenses are heavy. My favorite is my EF-S 55-250mm zoom lens. It is HEAVY. But, it takes beautiful shots.
utenzi said…
I've got that 55-250 lens too. It's in route to me. I'm glad to hear that you like it. I'll probably mainly use the kit lens that came with the camera the most but already I've felt the need for something longer. Having a 12X zoom lens on my smaller camera has spoiled me.

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