Pics from my Canon

I was playing a little with my Rebel EOS today. There's a lot of stuff to learn. I keep trying to zoom electronically and then sheepishly I remember that I have to zoom the lens manually---just like I did back in the film camera days.

The first picture is of some watermelon I was going to eat while reading outside today. Unfortunately the watermelon was tasteless so I used it for a photographic still life and fly food. But even the flies weren't very impressed.

And this is my front sidewalk with the lovely sun shining down. Odd how much more I like sun when the temperatures are no longer in the 90s. Too bad our respite is short lived. We're getting back into the 90s tomorrow and it's supposed to last for quite a while. Might even get up to 100 by midweek. *sigh* And my parents and brother, who live further south, are going to have temps in the 80s. What the hell?


srp said…
It is all in the humidity and that pesky dew point. Right now it is 90 but with that humidity around 41% and the dew point down around 60 degrees... one can most definitely tolerate the heat.

That watermelon looks good enough to eat..... I guess looks can fool you.

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