Patootie Pain

Work today was a pain in the patootie. A royal pain, at that. Three different crises running in parallel. It was truly a mess.

None of them were all that bad and could have been solved in fairly short order --- if only the other two crises would have left me alone for 40 minutes or so. Unfortunately all three took quite a while to solve because the other folk kept calling or Emailing me which forced each problem in turn to worsen while I was taking care of the most recent complainer. Yikes.

Fortunately days like this are very rare in my job. Was it a full moon day or something? I was sure glad when I got out of there at 5pm.

And after work I went on my second date with.... what name should we give her? Maybe Sybil. That's easy to remember. And this time we had a traditional "dinner and a movie" date. Dinner was Italian at Tarantini Restaurant not far from campus. Sybil had the Fettuccine Alfredo (only $12---gotta love it) and I had the Vitello Parmigiana ($17) and we had some excellent bruchetta as an appetizer. Lots of feta cheese on it and it tasted wonderful. I was going to have a bottle of wine and forgot all about it. I just remembered now. Oops.

Neither of us was wearing a watch and when we left the restaurant we turned our phones back on --- and it was 6:57pm and the movie was starting at 7pm. Oops! Fortunately the theatre wasn't all that far away and of course they put all that crap on first so we ended up walking in right at the start of the rolling of credits. *whew* The move we saw was Inception and it was pretty good. It also was pretty long. It just kept going and going and going. :-) Fortunately the acting was pretty damn good. The plot was a little twisty but I didn't think it was nearly as complex as the reviews would have you believe. And by a little after 11pm I was home. It is a work night after all.


GA Girl said…
My days are ALWAYS like your day was and I'm getting pretty tired of it...

Unfortunately, when I think of the name 'Sybil' it brings to mind crazy Sally Fields. You seem to favor 'Julies' - how about Julie III?
utenzi said…
Her name is a lot closer to "Sybil" and I really need to retire any association with Julies. That name is just bad luck. Not all J-names, of course. Just Julie.
GA Girl said…
I'm glad you clarified that statement about J-names :-)
Naquillity said…
sounds like you had a rough day of it until your date that is. dinner & a movie. things are moving along quite nicely. Sybil is a good strong name to use. have a great weekend.

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