I had lunch today at a Chinese restaurant today. The Red Lotus in Chapel Hill.

A friend of mine had her 43rd birthday recently and instead of a gift, she asked to go out to lunch. So we did.

It was great for me since I don't get to go out to lunch very often. I have to park off-campus and as a result going out to eat isn't easy. Cry has a parking spot on campus so she can just scoot over to her car and drive away.

The receipt is funny. They ask at the bottom for customers to follow them on Twitter and Facebook. The world is changing too fast for me!


kenju said…
Dave, I think it is changing too fast for anyone over the age of 20!

So, what did you eat and did you like it?
utenzi said…
We had pork dumplings for an app, which I didn't like very much, and then I had sweet and sour chicken which was quite good and Cry had fried rice with chicken and she said it was excellent.

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