Goodie Two Shoes

Actually the title should be "two sandals" but that just doesn't have the same cachet.

I received this pair of sandals today from Amazon. My last pair got tossed at the end of last summer and I'd not bothered to replace them until now.

I liked the low profile of these and the flat lines---plus the crazy colors. And on top of that it's all for a good cause. The Sole Rebels organization is out of Ethiopia and they promote economic and social change for their workers.

They've got an interesting website (you should check it out) as well as nice shoes and sandals. See what you think.

The company, soleRebels, began in 2004 as a way to bring jobs to their village, Zenabwork, located in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

Their shoe selection features collections of sandals, flip flops and shoes. These feature recycled car tire soles and an array of recycled and sustainable ingredients like hand spun and hand loomed organic fabrics and a palette of unique natural fibers including organic pure Abyssinian jutes and Abyssinian KOBA. Nice, huh?

Here's an excerpt from their website:
Our motto at soleRebels is: “making the world a better place. One step at a time.” And we attempt to do that, in whatever small manner, every day.

from our inception we proudly employed+trained the highly marginalized or those thought unemployable . together we set out to re-imagine the traditional ETHIOPIAN “selate” and “barabasso” shoes ( recycled car tire sole shoe) in dynamic + vibrant new fashions.

we aimed to create something that was authentically local but had a truly universal flavor to it; and for the past few years we have that and more . and all the while we never lose our focus on crafting our wares from the most eco-sensible materials available - a combination of recycled , organic + bio-based materials , and then making our shoes in the most energy efficient manner possible – with our talented hands.

And they were on sale. :-)


srp said…
Ah, the shoes on sale... always a good thing.
Yes, we had a bundle of wind. More than with Nor'Ida last fall even. I haven't looked at all my flowers yet.
Nikki-ann said…
Enjoy your new sandals! :)

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