Fun in the Sun

I was out on the Dan River today kayaking. Hot sun, danger of rain and thunderstorms, serious sweating---all in a days work.

It did rain a bit on my drive to the outfitting company up in Stoneville, NC. Fortunately despite some threatening clouds, we saw nary a drop while on the river.

Stoneville is pretty far to the north in NC, just 10-12 miles from Virginia, and about a 80 minute drive from my house.

The first picture is the 13 of us at the boat launch site, just before we started down the river. It was a 3-hour paddle and we got under way (weigh?) around 10:30.

The second picture is me. Staged and it looks like it too. One of the other paddlers, probably just to get some relief from my frenzy of photo taking, offered to take some pictures of me with my camera.

She did give it back. Eventually. :-(

We went a little slower than I would have liked---some of the folk let the river do most of the work---but I kept busy paddling all over taking pictures and being a bother. It was a lot of fun---and probably for just that reason. I like being a bother.


srp said…
One clap of thunder here, a bit of a sprinkle for a while and that was that. What a colorful expedition you had going here... who could resist the picture taking?

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