This has been one long and very hot week. The temps have been hovering near 100 the past few days and might have hit triple digits once or twice.

Walking across our hilly campus today to drop this weeks worth of books off at the library got me soaking wet with sweat. It's brutal out there!

The books on the left are the ones I'm bringing back. I'm going to take out a few more by Karin Slaughter. I'd read two book by her before but hadn't remembered her name. Now I'm going to read her books more systematically.

Back to the weather topic: while I might complain about the heat, the pictures below are of people who really should complain. Construction workers and athletes that have to train outdoors.

I took the two pictures while walking across campus. The UNC football stadium is having some cosmetic surgery and this is a bad summer for it. At least if you're doing the work. I'm glad I was just taking a mile and a half walk. Doing real labor outside is just nuts.


kenju said…
The stadium may be having surgery, but what will the NCAA do to the team???
Naquillity said…
i wouldn't like working in that heat either. i've always thought sports figures who have a chosen sport outdoors couldn't be comfortable outside during times like these. i guess they could get used to the heat at some point though. have a great day/ weekend.
srp said…
And it looks as if the weekend will be no better... even worse around here. Heat index between 115 and 120 both days.
Nikki-ann said…
Not so hot here, but then again I can't be doing with heat like that.

Enjoy the books!

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