Finally rain

There hasn't been a drop of rain on my lawn in over a week.

And during that week it was consistantly in the 90s with one day in triple digits. When I walk on the lawn it sounds like rice crispies: Crack, snapple, pop.

Late last night, after midnight so I guess it was actually early morning, we finally had a downpour. When I got up this morning my rain gauge greeted me with a very welcome 1.25 inches of precipitation. My lawn is very happy!

Now I need to go get some gas for my lawn mower. I'm all out and I suspect that I'll be mowing on Sunday. My kayak trip on Saturday is going to keep me from lawn duty that day. It's amazing how fast grass grows when it finally gets some water.


srp said…
Same here but without the late night downpour... sigh. Thank goodness for wells and sprinkler systems.
GA Girl said…
It's been so dry around here I watered last night - but we're getting a little rain today - Yippee. If this drought continues all the lake levels will be dropping.
Teresa said…
Uh... Snap, Crackle, Pop... you can't go around renaming the Rice Krispies guys! I know what you mean though... while not having to fit lawn mowing into the list of chores is kind of nice, things sure have been dry.

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