deer commentaries

Maybe that should be spelled "dear." It's kinda hard to determine.

The picture is from a hike I did on Saturday. I got the picture just as I was leaving Eno River Park at 8:50pm. The deer were grazing near where I was parked. While there's only two deer in the picture there were 8 in all. Mostly males.

And yes, it was getting a wee bit dark to be hiking in the woods. That last 20 minutes of trail had me doing some serious jogging.

The "dear" versus "deer" part involves some Emails tossed around between me and JLee. I was teasing her about having to work on Saturday and she was teasing me about her having a dinner date afterwards and me.... not having one. Overall I think she won. Dammit.

And speaking of dates, number 3 hasn't happened yet. Nope. Not on Friday, nor Saturday, and not even anything scheduled for Sunday. It's enough to make one wonder...


kenju said…
Well, maybe the dear deer will join you for dinner.
utenzi said…
Venison. Yum-yum.
Naquillity said…
you're lucky. i didn't see any deer yesterday but, I did see a fox. i didn't get a great pic because i was using my smaller camera. the big camera's battery died. i'm sure your third date will happen in due time. just you wait and see.

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