Aging Rapidly

In my title I'm referring to the watermelon below but it could, I guess, refer to me also.

I went to see my doctor today. Scheduled appointment, nothing serious. And she told me to lose some more weight!

I'd already dropped 45 pounds to get to 183 which is the upper threshold for a normal BMI at my height. But apparently she wants me to be near the middle of the weight range for "normal."

Jeeze. Pretty soon I'll look all dessicated like that poor watermelon over there. At least the bugs like it now.


Emily said…
You'll be half the man you used to be!
GA Girl said…
That is an interesting, repulsive picture!
utenzi said…
And it's by no means the worst picture I took, GG. Some of them were stomach turning. Ickers.
srp said…
I suppose the maggots will show up next. Compost in the making. My grandmother used to cut up the watermelon rinds and put them out in her garden. She grew the biggest squash and tomatoes...hmm.
Nikki-ann said…
Last week I read a news article where the NHS (UK national health service) wrote a letter to a kid's parents to say he was overweight (after having some measurements taken at school). The kid was active and sporty and certainly didn't look overweight. I do wonder if Doctors are overly cautious about weight these days.

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