Mexican stand off

This is what last night's dinner ended up looking like.

Here's the pan right after I pulled it out of the oven.

I ate dinner while watching Top Chef and then Work of Art: The Next Great Artist, both on Bravo.

I really like the art show. It's refreshing to see their talent displayed in contrast to the nastiness that so often dominates reality shows. That said, some of the artists are inflexible---and the worst of that ilk got bumped off the show this week. Awww. :-D

An interesting difference in the two shows is that while they've both just started (I think Artist has been on one week longer) I've got a much better feel for the contestants on Artist than on Top Chef. I wonder if that's just me or if the personality types or show format are the cause.

This is the first serving I had. I ended up having a second one before I was through.

I jumped the sauce from mild to medium heat and it tastes better this way. My changing the cheese from Jack to a blend of Italian cheeses wasn't good though. It tasted better using a Colby-Jack blend.


kenju said…
What is it? I vote for green chicken enchiladas.

I made those recently and we didn't care for them. I think I like the red sauce better.
GA Girl said…
I can cook, but I can't create art - that takes something I don't possess - I think that's the difference. Artists are a little 'mentally ill' according to recent research. Another way of saying that is that artists are different from the norm - I think that's what comes across on the show, their 'weird' personality is more apparent. I like artists and enjoy the 'weirdness'. Chefs - I'm not so sure of...
utenzi said…
That sounds about right to me, GG.

That's the right call, Judy. They are Green Chicken Enchiladas.

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