Mexican on Sunday

It's a mite steamy out there today. The temp is 92 at 2pm with high humidity and it's supposed to reach 97 today.

And thunderstorms in the late afternoon. When the rain hits the pavement it's just gonna turn into steam. *whew*

Over there on the left you see a couple of pictures from the NC Zoo from last week. Bison this time. That fellow looks rather moth-eaten. The second picture is of some of his friends. Also rather moth-eaten. And dusty too.

Change of topic---last night Cry invited me over to her place for dinner. She saw a Mexican recipe on the All Recipes website that she wanted to try out.

The recipe is called Green Chicken Enchilada and it's made using shredded boneless chicken breasts and shredded Monterey Jack cheese wrapped up in flour tortillas with green enchilada sauce covering the bundles as they bake.

Very simple and quite good. We were both impressed with how tasty they were especially considering how easy it was to make them. Some Mexican rice on the side and it was a good meal. And Pinot grigio wine to drink.

Do you ever wonder how animals can get so damn big by just eating grass? I suspect they sneak out on occasion and chomp on other animals or maybe have milkshakes. It can't be just grass.


kenju said…
Bison always look as if they've been semi-sheared; I guess they are shedding their winter coats. I wonder how they keep cool in this heat?

I'm going to try that recipe!! Thanks!
srp said…
He looks like I feel. Today ... right now, it is 82 degrees out with 89% humidity. Any more humid and we would be swimming! And I thought I moved away from the oppressive humidity of the deep, deep, deep South.

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