Lemur Island

Yesterday I went to the NC state zoo in Asheboro.

I got there at 9am, which is when they open, and I stayed until 3pm. I probably walked around 6 miles during those 6 hours, maybe 7 and my calves are a little sore. And I'll tell you, it was damn hot. And humid. It was supposed to hit the low 90s on Sunday and it sure felt like it.

Those fellers there on the left are ring tailed lemurs. Lemur Island is the newest attraction at the NC Zoo and they have a number of ring tailed lemurs there and supposedly some red-ruffed lemurs too. The only one I saw stayed semi-hidden under a rock ledge---you can see him in the picture at the bottom of this post.

I took a bunch of pictures at the zoo so I'll probably be posting a few more before I get tired of looking at them. :-)


kenju said…
Did you see on TV about the two that got loose from Duke today?
utenzi said…
I didn't hear about that, Judy. I'll go check it out on WRAL's website.
srp said…
As hot as it was Sunday, I would have stayed under a rock as well!!!!
Naquillity said…
those lemurs are adorable. that one on the sign looks as though it's in a sukhasana pose.

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