This past weekend I helped a friend build a lattice for some of the plants in her garden, especially the beans.

This is what it looked like when it was done.

She had bought the wood with a different building style in mind so this lattice is a compromise between her view of what she wanted, my view of what she needed, and the constraint of the wood that we had on hand. Neither of us felt like running out to get more wood, y'see.

I've labeled a few points of interest on the lattice. (A) is where some screws can be seen jutting out of the structure. (she calls it the Contraption) Since I thought we were using 2x2 lumber I'd brought screws with me that would penetrate most of the way through 2 of those. Instead we had some 1x2s and those screws were a mite exposed on the other side. Oops.

(B) is where a knot caused a 1x1 to buckle requiring a somewhat ugly fix. I just screwed a length of 1x1 over the knot area so that the whole thing wouldn't buckle. That would be a very bad thing.

(C) is purely her work, and it can be seen in detail on the left. The lattice wasn't stable enough as built so we knew we had to buttress it somehow. Staking it out on the windward end was Cry's very effective solution. Just like how you would stake a lean-to to make it stable, it works just as well on this lattice. Soon, with all the rain we've been getting, those beans will be growing all the way to the top of those poles. Over 7 feet tall, y'know.


kenju said…
I hope it will have enough stability to stay upright in windy conditions.
Naquillity said…
your lattice work is impressive.

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