a late dinner

I didn't get started on dinner until almost 9pm so I wanted to fix something fast.

If I was smart I'd have just made some cheese and crackers and munched on them while watching tv but instead I went Mexican.

But very easy Mexican. I used the recipe on All Recipes that I mentioned last week to make Green Chicken Enchiladas. Yum.

First I sauteed some chicken, then I layered the chicken and cheese on some flour wraps. Rolled them up and put them in a pan. Poured green chile sauce over them and baked in an over for 30 minutes.

That's as far as I've gotten so far but I hope to be eating in another 15 minutes or so. :-)

I changed the cheese from Monterrey Jack to an Italian blend. I hope that doesn't end up tasting funny. :-(


I love mexican food! I have a great recipe for shredded mexican chicken on my recipe site. I love it.
srp said…
So, was it good? I have to admit that I am not sure about that green enchilada sauce..... I do have a chicken enchilada recipe that is really good... but a bit more work than that one.

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