It Bee Hot

Yesterday after work, in the 100 degree heat, I decided to go over to Sarah Duke Garden and take some pictures of the grounds.

Foolish? Hell yeah.

The walking at Duke wasn't nearly as bad as sitting in the car at all the stop lights though. Going from Chapel Hill to Durham is a real pain in the patootie.

How do you like that picture? I just happened to get the bee leaving the flower. Just lucky.

After I got all hot and sweaty, I went to the Nasher Museum. I'd never been there before and the admission is free on Thursday.

Damn good thing. That's one weenie little museum. I can't believe they charge money to go there the other days of the week. The museum is only a few hundred yards from Sarah Duke so it's an easy 2 for 1 and parking is free at the Garden after 5pm.

How do you like that bridge? It used to be white and now it's BRIGHT red. It's very noticeable but I think I liked it better before.

It might not be paint though. When I got closer, the bridge actually looked different. I think they might have bought a different set of rails and they just come in that color. Maybe they'll paint it later.

That heron never moved while I was wandering near it. Odd bird. I took some closeups of it and the bird looked like it was exposing itself. You can't really tell in this picture though.


kenju said…
The heron must have been hot - I wonder why he didn't go into the water to cool down?

Too bad about the Nasher. I've been wanting to see it, but maybe I'll wait until there is a special exhibition or a visiting one.
Thanks for the visit Utenzi....So Good to see your name on my blof, my dear, after such a long time....
Love these pictures--Particularly that Bee....Very Sweet!
srp said…
Sometimes it is just TOO hot to walk around.... I am glad to see the bees back around although I don't really know how the honeybee population is doing around here. The bumblebees are certainly in fine form.

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