First Part

This past Friday I bought a camera on Amazon. In fact the nicest camera I've bought since the one I purchased while in college for a trip I was taking to Greece.

I've been very slow to move over to a digital SLR. Part of the reason is that since I use glasses I find it liberating to be able to use the back of the camera for framing the shot and focusing and such.

With SLRs you use the viewfinder since it's a single lens system. SLR = single lens reflex The light enters through the lens and goes to the film computer imaging chip. So what you see is what you get. Of course it's not quite that simple with digital SLRs but it's still close. So that means I have to peer through that nasty little viewfinder.

As you can probably tell, it wasn't the camera that sold me on upgrading to a dSLR. In this case it was the printer that was bundled with the system. Or more accurately, there was a $400 rebate if you bought the printer with the camera and since the printer was $430 it was practically free. Both zoom lens that I bought were also essentially tossed in. I did have to pay for the extra battery and the filters that I bought. Two ND filters to protect the lens and one polarizing filter to use on my main zoom lens when needed.

I didn't buy any extra ink yet for the printer. I want to see how everything looks first. The refills cost almost $120 with a 14% discount. Ouch. I sure hope the ink that comes with the printer lasts a while!

So, the printer arrived today. It was the first thing shipped and it was sent via FedEx. The camera was shipped out 12 hours after the printer but it was sent by the US Postal Service. It's not expected to arrive for another week plus. A full week after the printer despite being shipped just half a day later. Pretty sad, huh?

All the other toys (plus two books ordered at the same time) were shipped out today. Next week will have a lot of deliveries showing up. Wheee. (I'm still slightly traumatized from spending the money)


srp said…
My brother got me my Canon... it is fun....the viewfinder thing is something to get used to but in the bright sun outside, the image on the back of the smaller ones is really hard for me to see anyway. Have fun...
utenzi said…
Thanks, Roxanne. I ended up buying a Canon also (as you probably surmised from the brand of my printer). I bought the EOS Rebel T1i. I doubt I'll be willing to do with it the things I do with my cheaper cameras. They do a lot of watery things that aren't so healthy for cameras. :-(
kenju said…
I know so little about cameras. I hope that you end up being happy with yours. I have a new Sony Cyber Shot and so far, it is great.
I love my Canon Rebel XT. Congrats on the new purchase! :-)
Nina said…
The next time I buy a camera, I am going to read through all your posts. You seem to know more about cameras than anyone else out there ( here).
utenzi said…
Thanks, Nina. It's not true, but thanks. I only know a little. :-(

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