Here's two pictures of faces that I took at the NC Zoo last weekend.

The theme also carries over into a TV show I watched last night. Bravo's new reality show, Work of Art: The Next Great Artist, had as their first elimination challenge creating a portrait of one of the other contestants in half a day. Most of the 14 contestants were realists but there were a few abstracts as well.

How can you do an abstract portrait? "Here's your painting. Just pretend it looks like you."

In any case I liked the show. There's a lot of reality shows out there but as far as I know this is the first one that features artists and I found it to be refreshing. Some of the contestants have a lot of experience others are totally unknown. Sometimes you really wonder how they decide which people to pick for these shows.

For example, on that Gordon Ramsey show, Hell's Kitchen, everyone smokes---common in the cooking area but is it THAT common?---and they're mostly odd with little in the way of cooking chops. It's almost like they pick people that can't do well just to give Ramsey more to yell and carry on about. IMHO.


Anonymous said…
They probably figure that the more controversy they can get in casting the less they will have to manufacture in production.

Jan from Poodles (and dogs)
(identity not working)
srp said…
I saw that show. As far as I was concerned, all the abstract ones could go home. Loved the one comment about the pastel flowers and leaves.... "good wallpaper".

Don't you wish you had eyelashes as long at that ostrich?
Naquillity said…
great capture of the bear. he seems rather relaxed laying on that rock.

the reality show sounds pretty good though i don't watch many of them anymore. they irk me lately.

hope all is well. have a great weekend.

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