Canoeing in the Heat

Today is another hot day.

I've lost track of how many days in a row it's been over 90 but it's been quite a few. And today's just one more on the list.

This morning at 8:30 a few friends and I went canoeing on Lake Michie in Durham. It was so humid I had to keep wiping off the lens of my camera. *whew* As soon as we got on the water the sweat was pouring off us.

The rentals were very reasonable. Six dollars a half-day (6 hours max) for Durham residents and 8 dollars for non-residents. Since they're tandem canoes, it's 3 dollars per person. Not bad.

We only stayed out for a few hours but it was more than enough. I think I lost 3 pounds in sweat.

The picture above is one that Juliet took of me to get back at me for all the ones I took of her when she wasn't expecting it. I'm bad that way. Since I was facing the wrong way and just shooting over my shoulder---not many turned out. Most of them are of the bottom of the boat. Oops.

The picture to the left is from when we were launching the canoes at the rental place. It felt a lot cooler in the shade under the trees.


Thumper said…
I like that picture!
srp said…
Yes, this heat is oppressive and wrecking havoc with my lawn. Also has brought out a bit of a drainage problem from the previous construction that I thought they had fixed... be advised... french drains are like most other things "French"... they don't work.

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