I'm in SC this weekend visiting with my parents. Father's Day is tomorrow, y'know?

I did my normal 3am to 7am drive. There was an unusual amount of traffic but even so it was sparse compared to drives during the day.

The books over there on the left were gleaned during a shopping expedition this morning at a couple of used book stores near here. I spent $38 and change on books that listed at $113. They should keep me busy for a few weeks.

I didn't go kayaking today. By the time I'd talked a bit with my parents and made sure my parents dog had enough attention the temp outside was over 83 and way too humid for paddling. I think I'll hit the water tomorrow morning before the sun is up.

Chicken and watermelon for dinner tonight!


srp said…
Chicken and watermelon sounds really good about now... I did a lot of outside work yesterday when the temp was slightly lower and the humidity much less. At this rate, I will never get done.
GA Girl said…
I just exercised your frog by feeding him from behind. He was a little out of breath when he finished eating.

Happy father's day Bob.
utenzi said…
My frog? Oh! The tree frog on my webpage. Thanks, GG.

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