Big Bird

I took a bunch of pictures of the ostriches but most of them weren't very interesting.

I got lots of blurry pics due to the low light early in the morning. The field with the ostriches was my first stop at 9am. These 3 pictures are okay tho.

Here we have a big bird who appears to be small due to its audience of 5 giraffes (the 5th is hiding behind the tree and you can only see the head). The ostrich is keeping its head down and trying not to create trouble. Or I could be anthropomorphizing a bit.

I have a number of good pictures of the giraffes. They're much more photogenic, especially in low light. Their fur reflects light a lot better than does the dowdy feathers of the ostriches.

What should I name this?

Friends of a feather maybe. Or ruffled feathers? Maybe the sky is falling though I think Chicken Little owns that one.


kenju said…
I really do have to go back there sometime soon. I have not been to the zoo in at least 13 years. They have so much more now!
srp said…
Love the giraffe. When Nyssa was little we went to the Arbuckle Wilderness in Oklahoma and our car had a sunroof. She had the bag of corn for the animals and this giraffe came up to the car, stuck his head in the sunroof and ate out of the bag. Slobbery things.
GA Girl said…
I love giraffes (not in a carnal way. Good pictures.
Naquillity said…
giraffes are one my favorite zoo animals. i'm surprised to see them in the same space as the ostrich though. great pics.

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