Wine on Thursday

Actually the wine was bought on Monday but I was rather slow to upload the pictures.

As you can see, I went to Trader Joe's to pick up the wine. I like them for their wine and cheese. I also bought a LOT of cheese. The total bill was over $60 and the majority of that was cheese, not wine---as you can tell by the prices of the wine, seen below.

Back a year ago, when I was dating Julie, she bought me 6 bottles of wine for my birthday. Now that I've managed to drink 4 of them I decided it was time to renew my store of wine. So I bought these 4 bottles. Two of them are types I've not had before so I'll just have to see if I like them.

Since I'm not going through them very fast---back when Julie and I were dating we'd go through 2 bottles with almost every meal, now I'm drinking a bottle every 3 or 4 months---these 4 bottles will probably last me a while.

PS Julie would be very disappointed in my buying frozen basil


Jan said…
We are all disappointed. Basil is very easy to grow if you keep the snails away and fresh basil is a gift from the gods.
Naquillity said…
enjoy your wine. i can do you one better on the basil. i buy it in the jars. bad omission, i know. have a great weekend.

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