Viral Lyrics

I'm having one of those times where I can't get a set of lyrics out of my head. The first stanza from Olivia Newton John's Sam keep running over and over and over and...
I heard that you're on your own now
So am I
I'm living alone now
I was wrong
So were you
What will you do?
Are you glad to be free?
Are you feeling lost just like me?
Longing for company

The song's okay but enough is enough. Maybe if I start humming another annoyingly addictive song I can get rid of this one. But do I really want to be constantly hearing Grandma Got Runover by a Reindeer either???

Maybe I could go with ONJ's version of the Rafferty song Mary Skeffington. I haven't heard it in years but I liked it when I was a kid.

Mary Skeffington, close your eyes
And make believe that you are just a girl again
Go to sleep tonight, dream of days
When you had something there to light the way

Remember a holiday in a north of England town
You slept in a room upstairs on a bed of eiderdown

Mary Skeffington, when you wake
You mustn't be afraid to face another day
Think of what you had, you'll get by
You've always been a lady, hold your head up high

Look back on your home where you spent the best years of your life
Remember the man who asked you if you would be his wife

Hmmm. Obviously it's not the content that is keeping the songs going through my head. Maybe it's her voice...


kenju said…
That seems like a rather weird song for you to be so focused
Naquillity said…
gotta love it when you can't shake a tune from you head. maybe since you've written it out here you'll forget about it for awhile. well, until the next tune arrives. have a great day.

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