I am now in the underclass of society, a leper, one of the unclean. You see, I don't have a credit card!

It all started with the picture on the left. My tires were quite well worn. I'd put almost 48k on my original tires, as you can see by the wear shown in the picture below, and it was well time to get new rubber under my car.

But when it came time to pay... the credit card machine said "declined." Well, it didn't literally say it. Just the word appeared on the readout but that was enough to send me into the depths of the underclass of humanity. Someone without credit! Yikes. (and I don't mean it in the way that the word was used on The Big Bang Theory either)

As it turns out, the identity theft feature was activated on my card and as a result, they automatically inactivated the card until they could verify the purchases.

When I called about the card being declined, and couldn't identify the last 20 purchases (which might be my memory, not actual fraudulent purchases) they canceled the card despite my protests. *sigh*

I get the new credit card in the mail in a week but until then, since I don't have any other credit cards, I have to live on a cash basis. That's just insane. Who, in this day and age, uses cash? I sure don't---but now I guess I do. And the companies that automatically put their bills on my credit card will have to be updated. *more sighing*

And since I only had $150 on me, I had to run home and grab $500 to pay the person at the tire store (I also bought a new battery and had an oil change) for the 4 new tires. On the plus side, the car handles a lot better with the new tires.


I hate CC companies... they will try to jerk you around anyway they can. I can't wait until I pay ours all off (I'm working away at it and am doing good so far).
Blond Girl said…
As the victim of recent hacking, I can feel your pain. Of course, it is nice that the identity theft protection kicked in before someone was able to take your identity away in a more permanent way.

Don't new tires feel good? It's like new shoes for your car (yeah, I said new shoes. I'm a girl. Sue me.) ;-)
tiff said…
Gads - cancelled against your protests. That's just mean.
Teresa said…
I had a problem about a year ago with that.... it was a pain. It wasn't that hard to get fixed, just a pain while it was going on.

My favorite local card was lost... I know it wasn't stolen, but they refused to let me keep my account number. I was very sad, because they give them out in order and I had a low, easy to remember number. But you can't fight it. (I never use the card... it was just an honor to have it, but still....)

I actually prefer to deal in cash... it's real. I don't happen to have any now though....

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