toys on Wednesday

My birthday was a few days ago but it was today that I got toys. Wheee.

After work I went to Occoneechee Park to go around the mountain twice. That's around 5 miles. Even though it was only around 70f it didn't take long before I was soaked with sweat. This getting old business isn't good for ones health. Of course being dead is no picnic either.

Anyway, the first trip around I saw 5 snakes and was upset that I didn't have my camera. I generally don't bring it with me these days because I go slower when I'm carrying it 'cause I keep taking pictures.

So on the second loop I had retreived the camera from my car and carried it with me. Of course I didn't see one damn snake. The bastards! At least I saw this deer as a consolation prize. But I can't pick up a deer and take a picture of it so it's just not as good as a snake.

Back to the topic of toys...

When I arrived home I found that I'd gotten 3 packages from Amazon, all ordered at different times. The most recent order, the one for a replacement camera, arrived after only 4 days. Not bad. I've got the battery charging now so I'll find out in an hour or so how well it works.

The other two packages contained DVDs in one and a book in the other. What a nice welcome home.

I've still got some books that haven't been delivered yet. They were books that I preordered. One was released yesterday so I'll receive it in a day or two, the other gets released next Tuesday. Both are books that I'll read right away. :-)

And speaking of birthday gifts, a friend of mine recently vacationed in Hawaii and she's promised me bikini shots of herself cavorting on the beach. I can't wait!


Naquillity said…
sorry you missed the shots of the snakes. i know from experience how frustrating that is. but, that deer isn't shabby either. great shot. i'd like to be so lucky to get a good close up like that. lastly, enjoy your toys. though i'm sure the bikini clad woman friend will be much more entertaining. have a great night.
kenju said…
I much prefer the deer to snakes!!
Thumper said…
Bikini shots...LOL I like that you're such a typical guy. I'm pretty sure the Spouse Thingy would be happier about that than birthday presents, too.

Happy birthday kinda late!
utenzi said…
The bikini clad woman didn't appreciate my humor. Apparently I'm never seeing those pictures!
srp said…
You've really got to stop with this picking up snakes thing.

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