Stormy Weather

Had a lightning strike near the house last night. The thunder roll lasted something like 12 seconds and some stuff in my kitchen was knocked off of shelves.

The electricity was only out for about 2 seconds but my Internet service was out for 9 hours and just came back online about 10 minutes ago at 7:10am. I wasn't able to sleep last night so I was checking frequently.

I finished the new John Sandford novel, Storm Prey, at 3:45am and was quite impressed with it. My favorite recent novel by Sandford was a Prey novel in which Sandford overlapped his two series (Prey series and Kidd series) but this book was close behind.

In this book the main character, Lucas Davenport, is shaken when his wife, Weather, is an unwitting witness to a robbery and the rest of the book revolves around the robbers trying to tie up loose ends. One of which, of course, is Weather Davenport, but there's plenty of other problems for the robbers as well. All of which supply a lot of dead bodies and a few clues for Davenport to gnaw on.

Virgil Flowers, once a minor Prey series character who has since had 3 novels featuring him, plays a large part in this book though definitely in the background.

Towards the end of the book the main character, Lucas, makes an off color joke based on his wife's name and it was somewhat funny. I couldn't help but reflect on how last night's weather here was irksome so hearing "weather" in a funny context was quite welcome.


Naquillity said…
glad the storm has passed and you're doing okay. i'm sure it was frustrating to not have internet service when you weren't able to sleep. our service wasn't interrupted by weather as much as a faulty modem. we had it replaced today though. good to be back online, isn't it? glad you enjoyed your book. have a great night.

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