Southern Belles

There's a cultural stereotype of southern women that they're sweet and demure. Well, having lived here in the south for over half my life now, I just don't buy it.

Take the example found below. I was hiking in Eno River Park after work tonight and taking pictures as usual and check out the reception I was given by someone passing by. The new generation of southern women are a far cry from those in former times. *sigh*

In case you're having trouble "reading" the picture---I don't think she's counting to one.


Naquillity said…
i'm sorry you had to endure that. i don't know what people gain by acting that way. would it have been so difficult to smile and say hello? hope the rest of your weekend is better.
utenzi said…
I was traumatized but I hope to someday recover. At least I got to bond with a snake later in the day. That often cheers me up. Sometimes the snake likes it and sometimes not. This particular snake was not a people "person"
srp said…
Bless her heart... she does have a smile on her face though.... perhaps she is really from NYC.

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