Missing Memory

I got all the numbers programmed into my phone.

Well, that's not exactly accurate. I looked over the numbers in my old phone---which hadn't been used in two years---and determined how many people I still would be likely to get a call from (11 out of 74) and programmed those numbers into the phone.

Any numbers from the past two years? Oops. They're at the bottom of a lake.

Fortunately my memory is so bad that I really can't remember anyone anyway. I joyfully go through life in a world populated by strangers.

Maybe I shouldn't write posts this close to midnight...

The longest known non-relatives to make the cut is a tie between Sharon and Teresa from back around 1995 (AOL pen-pals from the early days of this Internet social thing) and the most recent is Crystal from this year. And the first two probably don't have the same phone numbers they used to so those numbers are iffy.

My advice is to back up your contact list or at least not drown your cell phone!


kenju said…
Don't you have any guy's numbers?
utenzi said…
My brother's and father's numbers. On the drowned phone I also had the numbers of my two older nephews. I don't recall having numbers from any non-related guys.
Naquillity said…
well a woman's number by far is more fun to have. glad your phone is working for you. have a great day.

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