I ride into campus to work each day on a bus. Sure, it's the "green" thing to do but that's not really why I do it.

The real reason is because there's virtually no on-campus parking for regular workers and what is here is extravagantly expensive. Why, you ask?

Because the entire time I've worked here there's been at least 5 buildings going up at any one time. And since there's not much open space on a campus this old, those buildings are frequently going up on what used to be parking lots.

But at least the top administrators, doctors, and students have places to park. Thank heavens for that. ;-)

Nothing green about all that damn construction. Hell, it's not even easy to walk across campus. You constantly have to take short-cuts through buildings to avoid fenced off areas.

Seeing such a large amount of construction makes it difficult to believe that the state is in such a budget crisis.

Of course it's a lot easier to remember when you glance at your paycheck and recall that in the last fiscal year they reduced every one's salary by half a percent to make up for a shortfall in the last month of the budget year.

At least we'll have some pretty buildings to look at as we try to figure out a way to make ends meet in these fiscally difficult times. They say beauty can feed the soul, I just wish it would feed the body too. *sigh*

And a nice perk is that riding the buses here is free. The school subsidizes the Chapel Hill Transit system. And I guess that does reduce our carbon dioxide emissions somewhat...


Jan said…
It seems to me that there is something wrong with using student fees to erect new buildings, but that is routinely done here in California.
Blond Girl said…
Just think of it this way: the money you don't spend paying for parking or riding the bus may help to make a small dent in that lost 1%... well, maybe, anyway!

When we lived in Minneapolis I rode the bus everyday. While I could have felt all proud of my greenish contribution, it really was all about saving money!
Smug said…
I would bike to work if I could, but it is a good 20 minute drive in a car, and since I have to arrive at the office by 6am... I don't think I could leave early enough in the morning to get here on time and still sleep at night ;)

Sorry about the pain in butt this construction is causing you and others!!
Teresa said…
Oddly, buses take a LOT more fuel than a car does and also a LOT more pollution. Granted, a full bus probably is better than 50 cars on the road, but buses aren't always full and people could car pool.

Educational institutions get away with murder -- well, not literally. I won't start a tirade, but if you aren't part of the solution, stop bellyaching!

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