The little nestlings outside my dining room window got a lot bigger during the 3 day weekend I was away at my parent's house.

This is the first time I've seen them really standing up on their own.

The parents squalk a lot when I take pictures of the chicks so I try to only do it once in a while. But you'd think they'd have picked a better spot than 4 inches away from my window if they really wanted privacy!

BTW, they're cardinals though it's a little difficult to tell at this stage of the game.


kenju said…
Aw, they're cute! We had some about 3 years ago, who nested on the top of my grapevine wreath and dive-bombed anyone who tried to come up onto my front porch.
srp said…
This reminds me that I must check on that chickadee nest in the bluebird house. I don't think the tiny eggs survived the first fall... so, if I clean it out... perhaps the bluebirds will show up.. better late than never.

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