Cell Phone Replaced!

Yesterday I got my replacement cell phone in the mail.

After my last one drowned---kayaking incident while at Lake Hartwell---I had the folk at Verizon reactivate my previous phone. It's the one on the left in these pictures.

Now that one hadn't been used in almost 2 years and it was almost dead when I switched to a new---and now very wet---cell phone. It's no surprise the old one was in such bad shape. It was over 4 years old when I replaced it and it'd seen a lot of hard use. Poor thing.

The freaky thing is how close in appearance the replacement phone is. I bought a used and reconditioned phone but I had assumed it'd be fairly recent. From the appearance this "new" one could well be 4 or 5 years old.

That's not really a problem because I HATE all the bells and whistles on the new phones. I think that's a sign of getting old. *sigh*

Anyway, the reason I wasn't able to stick with my old phone is that while it could dial out---and even that wasn't a piece of cake---I wasn't able to answer incoming calls. I had to wait for the caller to give up and then I could call them back. Bad phone!

And often the phone would just hang up after a couple of minutes. Very frustrating!

One big improvement is the resolution on the screen. Sure, the newer ones are a lot better. But as you can see from these two screens, the reconditioned one is a lot better than the phone I have been using.

Since it's not a new phone it didn't come with an owners manual or anything like that. So I'll have to check the Verizon and Motorola sites for a PDF of the manual so I can figure out just what this phone does and doesn't have on it. One bizarre thing---it doesn't have a camera. I thought ALL cell phones had cameras. I don't need one, don't even want one, but it just seems odd not to be there.


Naquillity said…
enjoy your cell phone replacement. may you make many calls. have a great night.
GA Girl said…
Phones are for talking to people, cameras are for pictures - they should never have combined these two tasks.

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