Sunday, May 30, 2010


Since I wasn't able to sleep on Friday night I headed out to go hiking while it was still cool Saturday morning, just after the parks open up at 8am. We had a lot of rain during the night so I choose Eno River Park to see just how swollen the river was.

Hell, it was so swollen the toads and frogs were staying away.

Here's a couple examples of amphibians I found hiding from that raging river.


Naquillity said...

that first frog is HUGE and the bottom one looks almost like pebbles. hope you enjoyed your walk. have a great day.

GA Girl said...

Sounds like an exciting weekend so far, lightening strikes and frogs - books are good,too. Did any of your trees get hit? We've had off and on storms but nothing serious.

Michael Manning said...

Awesome photography! I enjoyed it. Hey, Utenzi my new blog address is:


kenju said...

You know how much I love frogs! I took one out of the skimmer yesterday that was huge. I'll upload the photo later.

srp said...

All, or most of ours are out in the swampy preserve. They sing a most glorious song at night with the bass of the big bullfrog chiming in once and a while.