Okay but now back to reality

Here's a promotional Email for a medical study that's being undertaken at UNC:

UNC Eshelman School of Pharmacy


Are You a Healthy Male Over the Age of 40?

Investigators at UNC are looking for men to participate in a study
evaluating blood vessel function.

Participants must also:
*be non-smokers
*have no history of cardiovascular disease (including high blood
pressure, high cholesterol, or diabetes)
*not be taking any daily medications
The study involves:
*A one-time outpatient clinic visit lasting about 1.5 hours
*Non-invasive blood vessel function assessment
*Blood sample collection
*Must be willing to fast over night and avoid certain over-the-counter
medications and dietary supplements for one week
*$50 compensation for completing the study
For more information, contact...

Now you tell me, how many guys over 40 don't take any medications at all? But if that's true for you and you want 50 bucks, I can direct you to the folk doing this study---I'm sure they'd be glad to hear from you 'cause I don't think many of us 40-plus guys qualify.


Naquillity said…
lol, i'm not a male by no means but i understand where you're coming from as most men these days are taking some sort of medication. these ads are hilarious sometimes. you have to laugh at the commercials too. they advertise a new medication and then proceed to list all their side affects. you're already dissuaded from using their product. wonderful post. have a great day.
The Evil Twin is 50 and he meets all the qualifications, except he does take one daily medication....Guess he's out!

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