An odd day at the park

Yesterday after work I went hiking at Occoneechee Park.

The first lap I did alone since I wanted to go pretty fast. The temp was in the low 90s so one fast lap was plenty.

On the second lap I was in the company of 6 other hikers and we took a more casual pace around the mountain. We even did odd things like stop on occasion. Not a good strategy for an aerobic workout but not a bad idea on such a hot day.

In any case, this is 3 of the people I was hiking with, taking a break above a stone quarry---and oddly enough, being approached by a giant section of stained glass. Nature is certainly full of wonders!

BTW, you can see two teenagers on the other side of the fence. They had hiked up the face of the quarry---scary---and were sitting and smoking within a foot or so of the crumbling edge of the overlook. An overlook, I might add, that has lost parts and pieces many times over the years. The fearlessness of youth!


srp said…
I am still trying to figure out how that stained glass got there....
utenzi said…
Well, it was due to tube formation in SVR cells, Roxanne. I had to take pictures of the developing tubes every 30 minutes. Actually taking the pictures took 12 minutes and getting set up around another 5 so I had to kill the 10 or so minutes I had left between cycles. So I used Photoshop to make the matrix and kept filling it in with various colors during the waiting periods.
srp said…
You really ARE too much... you know I remember doodling like this back... well, way back. Drawing tiny little circles all over the page... you just colored them in! Bravo!

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