Hide or Seek?

While hiking today in Duke Forest I came upon a total of 4 snakes. The two small ones were happy to see me and wanted to make friends but the big ones quickly scooted away to hide. Wouldn't you think it would work the other way around?


Nikki-ann said…
Great shots :) You just don't see snakes around here.
Jan said…
How cute but, no, I think the young of all species are friendlier than the older ones.
Utopia said…
You are a crazy man! But the shots are great.
srp said…
I really don't even want to think about the snakes that live in the preserve behind our house. I do fine with lizards and toads... actually, while I was planting today I had visits from both. This is quite the handsome gentleman though and on YOUR finger not MINE..... thank goodness.

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