It's a trifle silly but I was quite thrilled when the cowboys went from last place---and with a speedbump, to boot---all the way up to first place. Woo-hoo.

Personally I would have gone with the incense instead of the forehead-flag thingy too. I guess it was a popular but harmful decision. I'm glad the cowboys forged ahead using the less traveled path.

Isn't this all quite Thoreau-ish? Isn't this all quite Frost-ish?

It doesn't quite work using the Frost name. :-(

Not many teams I like left since I don't like the cops, lesbians, or models. Not crazy about the brothers either. Actually the only team I liked other than the cowboys was Jordan and Jeff and they got eliminated several weeks ago. That damn wine glass stacking did them in. Jordan was also great for cute quotes. You never could quite believe she was serious.

Joan of Arc: Is that the guy with all the animals?


Jan said…
The cowboys have been my favorites from the start, but I like the cops too, very stereotypical.
Malibu Stacy said…
Robert Frost was the guy with the "less traveled path" (a/k/a The Road Not Taken). Thoreau was the guy with the different drummer.
Michael Manning said…
I wasn't much of a Cowboys fan after Jerry Jones changed the team. But then, football is still a fine game!
E. Litella said…
What's all this fuss I hear about cobwebs? I think too many cobwebs make a house look untidy.

Oh, not cobwebs? Well, that's very different, then. Never mind.
utenzi said…
I think you need new reading glasses, Gilda. Just think about it.

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